Resources for Getting a Job in the Arts

For those who may have missed our first career event of 2012-13, here is a handout from that event:

Go beyond the NYTimes when looking for jobs and internships. Target your search using one of these resources:

The American Alliance of Museums

(formerly called the American Association of Museums)

Not only are there classified ads for museum jobs, but there is also attention to networking.  You can join a museum group in your city and there is a group for Emerging Museum Professionals (that could be you!).

These are for jobs related to the field of architecture.


Pretty self-explanatory… job listings in the art world.

City Limits

Just for NYC – they have an entire section just for Brooklyn – and they have an Arts and Culture jobs board

College Art Association

While most of these jobs are for academic jobs (artists with MFAs are qualified for all jobs; most art history jobs will require a PhD), college art has some museum, and administrative positions.

Work in the Arts

This site has numerous jobs, especially in museums, but there are all levels and all types of institutions, all over the country.

Want to work in an arts-related non-profit job/internship? This is a global networking site for non-profits seeking to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems.  They have a job/internship search section with a dedicated Arts section.

Mediabistro is for anyone who creates or works with content, or who is a non-creative professional working in a content/creative industry (editors, writers, producers, graphic designers, book publishers, and others in industries including magazines, television, film, radio, newspapers, book publishing, online media, advertising, PR, and design). Posting jobs is a large part of what they do; they also have a whole section devoted to education and helping people get ahead in their respective careers.  The bulk of these jobs are freelance writing jobs and lots of them are arts related.

New York Foundation for the Arts

This is your PRIMARY source for jobs around NY in the arts – artists and art historians, galleries, museums, auction houses, arts foundations, etc.

It’s an art project/ list service.  A great place in nyc to find a studio and maybe an art assistant gig!

Visual Resources Association

The professional association of visual resources collections and they post some jobs.

Society of American Archivists

Higher Ed Recruiting Consortium

There are jobs in Higher Ed, such as working in a university collection of some sort – an archive, gallery, museum – that are listed that are not purely academic jobs.


Student Registration:  via Career Tab

How can I network when I don’t have a job yet and I’m still in school?

-volunteer at an organization or get a one-time temp job – Dumbo Arts Council, College Art Association Conference, nearly all of the arts fairs in NY, film festivals, and so many other organizations will do calls for volunteers (usually rewarded with free tickets) or minimum wage pay to be ticket collectors, facilitators, coat checkers, etc. – it’s not the job, it’s the getting in and getting to know the organizers that is important.

-join a museum college/youth group – most museums in the city have college groups or something similar, it’s a great way to get involved and get to know people.  Help organize an event, especially if you are interested in museum development work (fundraising)

-Facebook friend arts organizations in which you are interested in working – they always have pages and this is one way to find out what’s going on with them

-go to parties: go to openings at the places that you’d like to work, attend panel discussions (most of these things are free), see public lectures – often these are followed by receptions and you can introduce yourselves to people in your field of interest

-submit papers to graduate student conferences (grad students) and there are occasionally undergraduate conferences too! If graduate school is in your future, this is an important networking tool for you to participate in.

-go to events at artist studios if you want to be an assistant for an artist (e.g. Gowanus has their annual event where studios are open; the Brooklyn Museum did a huge event last weekend all over Brooklyn; there is a Bushwick open studios event, etc.)

-Use Linked In – connect to organizations in your field in addition to connecting to people

Here is a great article with 10 tips for getting a job in the Art world!


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