Writing opportunity for aspiring art journalists

> Do you want to write about Movies, TV, Anime, Arts, Comics, Games, > Literature or other art forms? Do you want to get your foot in the door > and enter the big-wide world of the online media and have your work read > and shared by millions of readers? We invite you to The Artifice: > http://www.the-artifice.com
> The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art > forms. We do not run The Artifice, you do. The Artifice is collaboratively > built and maintained by your fellow writers. It is structured to let you > focus on the quality of the content while it deals with the exposure of it > to an audience of millions.
> Instead of recycling the same entertainment news stories or publishing > commonplace editorials, The Artifice focus on unique topics that are > intellectually stimulating and meaningful.
> You can write about a whole host of things for pleasure, passion and/or to > boost your CV with vital experience in this ever competitive media > environment.
> Our current writers range from undergraduates, to graduates, to emeritus > professors and a bit of everyone in between.
> Grab the opportunity and join our team of writers. Join now: > http://the-artifice.com/write/


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