Magner Career Center’s Rising Stars Internship Conference – June 17

> Given that 67% of students nationally complete at least one internship, 32% complete two or more and that 48% of students land their internship before their junior year, you should sign up for the Magner Career Center’s Rising Stars Internship Conference!

> The event is geared towards undergraduate students of all majors graduating fall 2016 or after. If space permits, graduate students and upperclassmen will be included. The event will be from 10-4pm on Wednesday June 17 at Brooklyn College. >
> Employers and former interns from organizations including Deloitte, Wall Street Journal, City Science, The NY Times, Permal, Dept. of Probation, Life Vest Inside to name a few, will share advice on how students can prepare for the competitive job market. Participants will: >
> – Identify specific ways to look for an internship and the various funding sources to cover an unpaid internship
> – Learn directly from internship employers the qualities they look for in their candidates
> – Hear advice from former interns and internship employers on how to be a standout intern > – Learn how to network and build professional relationships > – Be able to add the conference to their resume
> – Have fun! Win prizes!
> Register at since space is limited! You will receive a confirmation if they are chosen to participate. >
> Also check out the Magner Career Center’s summer events for a look at our other great events in June which include Linkedin training, a visit to Ion Media and the NY Times etc. >


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