Emergency Grant for Students

Hey BC Art Students, Are you aware that in cases of emergency the college has grants that you can apply for? So if you have lost your apartment, childcare, had your books stolen, or some other short term emergency, consider applying!

>> The Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund has been >> created for the purpose of providing quick response emergency grants to >> students in good standing with short-term financial emergencies, to >> enable them to remain in school, rather than being forced to take a leave >> of absence or drop out.
>> Eligibility Requirements for the Petrie Emergency Grant:
>> Students who can demonstrate need and are facing a current unexpected >> emergency may apply for this grant. The applicant should: >> * have a good record of conduct
>> * have paid tuition to Brooklyn College
>> * be matriculated
>> Petrie Grant Award Guidelines
>> Examples of emergencies to be considered include, but are not limited to:
>> * Travel home for serious illness or death in the immediate family (e.g., >> parents and siblings)
>> * Homelessness due to loss of housing
>> * Imminent documented eviction
>> * Documented theft of books and other essential academic belongings >> * Required uninsured medical treatment and/or follow-up >> * An unanticipated loss resulting in a lack of funds to get to and from >> school
>> * Sudden loss of childcare to cover academic schedule >> * Prescription eyeglasses or essential dental work
>> Note: Petrie grants will not be given for tuition cost, college debts or >> legal representation.
>> Please be aware that the Petrie grant cannot be used for tuition and fees. >>
>> For more information, please go to
>> http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/about/administration/enrollment.php and >> click on “Student Emergency Grant” in the right-side navigation. >


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