Professor Ball to speak on campus on Tuesday, Feb. 3

Professor Ball will be speaking at the LAMEM (Late Antique-Medieval-Early Modern) colloquium this Tuesday, February 3 at 12:30.  This is a group where faculty share their work in progress – ALL ARE WELCOME


Tuesday 2/3 @ 12:30pm-2pm in Costas Library (2405 Boylan Hall)


Monastics on Monasticism and the Angelikos Bios

Professor Jennifer Ball, Art History


John of Fécamp, Monastic Discipline, and Abbatial Empathy

Professor Lauren Mancia, History


Early Modern Mysticism

Wednesday, 3/18 @ 5:15pm in Costas Library (2405 Boylan Hall)


Enlightened Jewish Mystics at the End of the Early Modern Era?: Visionaries on the Danube, Spree, and Moldau

Professor Sharon Flatto, Judaic Studies



Early Modern geography

Wednesday, 4/22 @ 5:30pm in Costas Library (2405 Boylan Hall)

Geographic Representations of Portuguese and Brazilian Cities in the Early Modern Period

Professor Christopher Ebert, History

With comment by Professor William Childers, Modern Languages and Literatures

Getting medieval at Brooklyn college

Wednesday, 5/20 @ 12:45-2:15pm at the Faculty Day Conference

Come help LAMEM-affiliated faculty discuss why a historical consciousness of the culture, ideas, and events

of the period before modernity is urgent for our understanding of the now @ this lunchtime roundtable discussion

all are welcome

For more information, contact Professor Lauren Mancia (


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