da Centotto: Gallery discussion this Sunday, 18 January, 4-6pm (and a few other items)


Please join us at Centotto this Sunday, 18 January, from 4-6pm for “New Terms & Turns,” a gallery discussion related to our current simposio exhibit, Back in Situ, or Turns.

The conversation will be open to everyone in attendance, but some of the artists in the show will be asked to put a few initiatory words and ideas into circulation. You can get a clearer idea of what we’ll be discussing by reading the attached PDF of the artists’ simposio writings.


A closing reception for Back In Situ, or Turns will be held later this month.

Sometime after that, another session of Studio Visits (Ex Situ).

Sometime after that, a new portfolio show.

And sometime after that, an exhibition called Mr. Weaver, Mr. Weavers, which will be dedicated to teaching and learning—and to teachers and learners.

In addition, perhaps sometime in the chronological midst of all of those things, we’d like to hold a brainstorming session for a project that may or may not come to be known as follows:

The Mill.u.

Details about much of the above TBD, clearly.

But in the meantime, we hope to see you this Sunday.

A prestissimo,



250 Moore Street, #108

Brooklyn, NY 11206



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