MFTA Artist In Residence seeks Artist Intern

Materials for the Arts is looking for an Artist Intern for our current Artist In Residence.
Our Artist In Residence, Lina Puerta, has just begun working in the MFTA Art Studio and is working toward an exhibit that will open at MFTA Gallery on Dec. 18 2014. Her work has been featured at many prestigious Museums and Galleries and she will engage and mentor the assistant in many important experiences and skills involved in the creation of artwork and preparation for an art show.
The eligible student or recent graduate must be interested in assisting in the fabrication of sculptures and installation for the upcoming show. She is looking for someone with strong organizational skills, excellent attention to detail and ability to multi-task. The assistant must commit to two or three days a week between 9am-5pm. The position is available now and will last until the end of December 2014.
Materials for the Arts, a unit of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, is NYC’s premier reuse facility, offering thousands of pounds of reusable materials as art supplies to the city’s Public Artists, Teachers, and Community Centers. The MFTA Gallery hosts two MFTA Artists In Residence each year along with other exhibits of artwork made from repurposed materials.
John Cloud Kaiser
Education Director
Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
33-00 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101
P: (718) 729-2165 F: (718) 729-2823
jkaiser | facebook | twitter
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One Response to “MFTA Artist In Residence seeks Artist Intern”

  1. Jude Says:

    I have no time to volunteer as an artist intern, but if I could, I would. I went to your website, Lina, and I love your artworks. I will go to the Museum of Biblical Art in the next week and see your current piece.

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