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Always Helpful! 10 Job-Search Skills Today’s College Students Need To Master – Forbes

April 29, 2014

One of our alums, Rina Koshkina (BA and MA Art History), who works now in Human Resources sent this helpful article that I thought would be great to share with you as you graduate and begin interviewing. Very helpful!


Joseph Cosaluzzo BFA Thesis Show “Astral Plane”

April 28, 2014

Dear Faculty and Students,Joseph Cosaluzzo is having his BFA Thesis Show “Astral Plane”, opening Tuesday April 29th from 6-8pm in the 5th floor Boylan Hall gallery. Attached below is his poster. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated!

Best, Mike Cloud

Congratulations on behalf of Making Work Visible Labor Arts Contest

April 23, 2014

Congratulations to student Peter Freleng, who received the third place prize in this year’s Making Work Visible Labor Arts Contest ( <> ) for his submission, Flora,to the ‘Visual Arts’ category. The contest was funded by the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation <> Congrats!

The Review Panel; May 2 @ The National Academy

April 21, 2014

Dear All,

I’m pleased to have been asked to participate in The Review Panel at The National Academy Museum on Friday, May 2nd. Please see the attachment for additional details.

I hope to see you there.



2014 May Review Panel.pdf

da Centotto: Discussion evening this Thursday, 24 April, 7.30-9.30pm

April 21, 2014


It seems spring has finally begun to assert itself more convincingly. This is a wonderful thing. We hope you are enjoying it and the various holidays it passively brings.

We hope, too, that you might join us this Thursday, 24 April, from 7.30-9.30pm for a simposio discussion related to our current exhibition, Vapors and Squalls, or Mediums, featuring Kate Teale, Karen Marston, Jonathan Quinn and Wendy Klemperer.

We’ll chat about artworks, weather, literature, memories and other mediated matters, and we’d love to hear what you have to say about all of the same.

Cecco, like the rest of us, can’t wait to see you.

Buone feste, a presto,


250 Moore Street, #108

Brooklyn, NY 11206

]Emily Kenselaar BFA Thesis Wednesday

April 21, 2014

Dear Faculty and Students,
Emily Kenselaar is having her BFA Thesis Show “So-Called Girl”, opening Wednesday April 23rd from 6-8pm in the 5th floor Boylan Hall gallery. Attached below is her poster. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated!

Mike Cloud

Dallas Owens in group show: CONCEPTO HUDSON: MEDITATION

April 15, 2014

concepto hudson

741 warren street

hudson new york 12534

518 697 5130 <tel:518%20697%205130> <>

gallery hours : thur – sun noon – 7:00pm

Concepto Hudson is pleased to announce our inaugural exhibition

Meditation, introducing our six gallery artists: Malin Abrahamsson

Daniel Derwelis, Juan Hinojosa, Kiyoshi Ike, Dallas Owens and

Zach Seeger. This show explores various manifestations of the

creative process – how these artists find their eureka moment when

inspiration becomes tangible.

Student Volunteer/Internship Opportunities in Art Therapy at Maimonides Medical Center

April 11, 2014

Child Life, Creative Arts Therapy & Education ProgramThe Child Life Program is here to help reduce the stress of illness, treatment and hospitalization for you and your family. The Child Life Program provides therapeutic, educational, and recreational activities to meet the unique emotional and developmental needs of hospitalized children and their families.
Our Child Life-Creative Arts Therapy staff plan and implement therapeutic, supportive, and preventative programs for children and their families. Our staff are trained in child development and working therapeutically to promote effective coping through play, preparation, education, and self-expression activities.
We help facilitate and encourage positive coping strategies with the children and their families as they encounter the wide range of illness related experiences that occur during hospital and outpatient medical treatment.
The importance of having readily available and developmentally diverse activities becomes paramount when one considers the potential threats to child development and psychological adjustment that can occur in the event of prolonged educational, social and familial isolation associated with long term treatment regimens.
Recognizing the need to address the recreational and psychosocial needs of children and their families, a wide range of services are offered at all sites. We have playrooms to aid in the children’s development and socialization as well as a multitude of bedside services. Open art activities, movies, toys, video games, computers, clowns, musicians, and the provision of wish granting type services are offered. Clinical and psychosocial roles of child life specialists/creative arts therapists include the provision of supportive counseling for groups and individuals as well as medical education, medical play, procedural support and preparation for medical experiences, art and play therapy, as well as cognitive-behavioral techniques for pain management.
Where are Child Life Services Offered?
· Ambulatory Surgery
· Cancer Center (Hematology-Oncology)
· Inpatient Pediatric Unit
· Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
· Pediatric Emergency Room
· Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
· Radiology Department
· Special Procedures
· Sub-Specialty Practice

What Services do we Provide?

Creative Arts Therapies
Creative Arts Therapies in the hospital promote self expression and issues related to a child’s hospital experience. Creative outlets such as art, music, drama, and writing can aid with recovery and support healing.
Medical Play
Medical play provides your child an opportunity to explore medical equipment they will encounter during procedures and tests. Medical play can help children gain a better understanding of their illness and cope better with hospitalization and their fears.
Medical Education & Procedural Preparation
Children who understand their illness and treatment cope better with hospitalization and treatment. With the use of various teaching dolls and books, Child Life Specialists are equipped to explain medical information to your child in a way that they can understand.
Hospital and Surgery Tours
Pre-Surgical and Hospital tours help reduce anxiety and fears you and your child may have about an upcoming surgery, procedure or overnight stay. You and your child will learn what to expect before and after a procedure or surgery, including information on IV’s and sedation preparation, as well as an opportunity to ask specific questions and address concerns. In addition to in-hospital tours, phone consults are welcome. For more information call 718 283-6873.

Hospital Schools Program
A NYC Dept of Education school teacher is on premises to provide for your child’s educational needs while hospitalized. The teacher can help your child keep up with schoolwork, facilitate a required exam or arrange for home instruction. For more information call (718) 283-7077
Play & Activities
There is a playroom and teen activity room located on the inpatient units equipped with toys, art materials, video games, movies, music and other recreational activities for use during your child’s hospitalization.
Special Events
Child Life Staff organize the special entertainment offered for patients and families during hospitalization. Special entertainers and events include clowns, musicians, artists, pet therapy programming along with seasonal activities, holiday parties and birthday celebrations. An activity calendar is posted in several locations.
Bereavement Support
Child Life staff is available to help support you and siblings with the death of a family member or prepare siblings for a goodbye visit. Child Life also organizes an annual bereavement memorial.

Volunteer Recruitment Flyer.pdf
Maimonides Recruitment Flyer 2.pdf

Writing papers? Get some help from our tutors!

April 11, 2014

Don’t forget that the Art Department has two writing tutors who hold hours in the Art Library 5300 Boylan – Kurt and Paul.  They can help get you started on writing or help with partial or complete drafts.

Hours for the Spring 2014 semester

Monday 9-12:30 (Paul)

Tuesday 9-12 (Kurt)

Wednesday 9-12:30 (Paul) and 1-4 (Kurt)

Thursday 9-2 and 6-7 (Kurt)

Graduate Art History Symposium April 24

April 11, 2014