April Events for Art and Media Students

The National Museum of American History Internship program
Wednesday April 2, 2014, 1:00 – 2:00 pm
1309 James Hall
The National Museum of American History Internship allows a diverse group of people with innumerable interests, strengths, and goals to encounter an educational environment where they can work with and learn from professionals and scholars in related areas of concentration. The Museum offers interns of different backgrounds and majors incredible opportunities in a variety of fields including:
Archival Science
Curatorial Projects
Exhibition Design
Graphic Production
Museum Management
Music Projects
Public Programs
New Media
Digital Outreach
Meet with a representative from the Smithsonian and learn more about internships, fellowships and museum careers. To attend students can send emails to intern with Museum in the subject line or register on the BC portal http://portal.brooklyn.edu via the “Career” tab.
Internships 101: Internships in Arts, Media and Entertainment
Thursday April 24, 2014, 12:15-2:15pm
Amersfort Lounge, Student Center
Internships give you the tools and experiences necessary to develop your talent and land the job of your dreams. An internship will help provide a better idea of where you fit in, what technologies and processes you need to learn and what specific types of projects you like to work on in this specific industry. With so many internship programs available in a wide variety of industries, you’ll be able to choose the specific internship experience that will propel you to a long and satisfying career in Arts, Media and Entertainment.
Meet with employers in the field and learn more about the industry. Panelists include:
Brooklyn Arts Council
Brick Arts Media
Jujamcyn Theaters Shakespeare Theatre
Steiner Studios
Warner Music Group
This event is sponsored by The Magner Career Center, The National Broadcasting Society, AERho Brooklyn College Chapter and the BCTV Club. Refreshments will be served.
Student Registration – http://portal.brooklyn.cuny.edu via the “Career” tab.
Best Regards,
Zavi Gunn
Associate Director of Career Development
Magner Career Center
Brooklyn College – 1303 James Hall
2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11210
(718) 951-5696
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