Brooklyn College Summer Abroad: Media Production and Cultural Studies in South Korea

> Study Abroad in Korea: Media Production and Cultural Studies in South Korea > Summer 2014 (July 2, 2014 – July 23, 2014)
> The Media Production in Korea program will provide students the opportunity to work in a great range of production techniques and tools of the medium, including, electronic media production theory, shooting on-location, computers, graphics, audio and post-production. Through a series of classroom lectures and screenings, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to television production, and a brief introduction to visual storytelling through video. Students will not only explore the diversity of Korea, but also be able to document and create a story of their experience. Dongguk University, located in the heart of Seoul, will provide an ideal setting for studying media production and cultural studies within a South Korean context. The course will focus on an introduction to pre-production and production. Students will also take a streetwise course on Korean language and culture that will facilitate their understanding of traditional culture while they are shooting. Then participants will shoot on-location in different parts of Seoul and South Korea, and learn and apply the post-production process to their product. Participants will work collaboratively with Dongguk University students on their short video projects. >
> Housing is located in a Dongguk University residence hall, located on the campus. Meals will be taken on or near campus, or at restaurants during shooting periods. >
> This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, all majors. >
> Applications Due: Monday, March 17, 2014
> Program Fee: $3,667 (includes international airfare, CISI health/travel insurance, program-related transportation in Korea, excursions, housing, and some meals) >
> Additional Costs: $400, plus Brooklyn College tuition. Non-tuition out-of-pocket costs include estimated costs for personal expenses, Internet access, and out-of-pocket meals. >
> Courses and Credits: Participants will register for one 3-credit course, selecting from among the following courses: > * TVRA 3841: Multimedia Design and Production
> * TVRA 7736X: Television Program Directing (Graduate students only) >
> Please note that final course offerings depend on enrollment. >
> For more information on the program and available scholarships, and for an application, please visit the International Education & Global Engagement website at: >
> * >
> Students must also contact the program director to express their interest: >
> Prof. Young Cheong
> Department of Television and Radio
> P: 718-951-5555 * E:


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