Brooklyn College Summer Abroad: Israel Then and Now

Hello Art Department! There are many great summer abroad opportunities – and for those of you who have aspirations of being an art historian or working in the art world in some way these can be especially helpful. Some have an archaeological component which is GREAT experience. Almost all contain a language component which can help in many jobs and some have courses that apply directly to our major, such as the China Study Abroad program that I posted last week. I will post some more today – consider these seriously! > Israel Then and Now: Archeology, Transformation, and Comparative Cultures > Summer 2014 (June 8, 2014 – July 7, 2014)
> This fascinating four-week program examines the ancient past through the current events of Israel in the context of the Middle East. The program begins with an exploration of the ancient history of the region through visits to archaeological sites and museums, guided by Professor Arthur Bankoff, chairman of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology. You will learn the archaeology of Israel in the context of the Near East, covering the Paleolithic through the Ottoman period of history. Participants will move into the second part of the program where they will examine the multiple dimensions of contemporary Israeli society and culture, placing Israel in a comparative global perspective. Using conceptual and analytical tools of anthropology, students will explore the implications of immigration, diversity, political systems, religion, Zionism, the Jewish Diaspora, Arab-Israel conflict, the kibbutz, and global culture on modern Israel. Students will live in guesthouses while traveling, and in Hebrew University dormitories while in Jerusalem. >
> This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, all majors. >
> Applications Due: Monday, March 17, 2014
> Program Fee: $3,990 (Program fee will include international airfare, CISI health/travel insurance, program-related transportation in Israel, Hebrew University special programs fee, admission to sites, housing, and most meals). >
> Additional Costs: $360 estimated for personal expenses, plus Brooklyn College tuition. >
> Courses and Credits: Participants will take two courses for a total of 6 credits. All participants will register for ANTH 3015: Anthropology Abroad, and may choose either of the following courses as their second class: > * ANTH 3530: The Middle East and North Africa
> or
> * CORC 3208: Comparative Studies in Cultures and Transformation >
> For more information on the program and available scholarships, and for an application, please visit the International Education & Global Engagement website at: >
> * >
> Students must also contact the program director to express their interest: >
> Prof. Arthur Bankoff
> Department of Anthropology & Archaeology
> P: 718-951-5507 * E:


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