Arnold Brooks is in The Lewis University Department of Music Presents Big Apple Bytes

Our own Professor Arnold Brooks is represented in this!

> Brittani Alston and Rob Peterson
> Lewisville University Department of Music presents:
> Big Apple Bytes which includes the 60×60 (2012) New York Mix. >
> The 60×60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix is the second ever 60×60 mix comprised > of composers, musicians and sound artists from New York.
> Melissa Grey is the audio coordinator for the 60×60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix. >
> Composers included in the 60×60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix: >
> Sara Ayers, Kenneth Babb, Arnold Brooks, Fabrizio Brua, David Charles > Calabrese, David Hal Campbell, Joel Chadabe, Dan Cooper, Jerome Covington, > Lin Culbertson, Douglas DaSilva, Robert Dick, Lainie Fefferman, Dana Flavin, > Allen Fogelsanger, Douglas Geers, Patrick Grant, Melissa Grey, Joshua > Groffman, Donald Hagar, Jaclyn Heyen, Reena Katz, Howard Kenty, Mari Kimura, > Gregory Kramer, Drew Krause, Joan La Barbara, Robert Lepre, John Liberatore, > John Link, J Henry Hartman Lowengard, Chris Mann, Matt Marble, David > Morneau, Tim Mukherjee, Jascha Narveson, Daniel Palkowski, Milica Paranosic, > Joseph Pehrson, Samuel Pellman, Miles Pflanz, Dylan Thomas Price, Gene > Pritsker, Jeffrey Raheb, Leah Raintree, James Ross, Edward Ruchalski, Sila > Shaman, Nivedita ShivRaj, Mary Simoni, Pamela Sklar, Beth Sorrentino, David > Jason Snow, Laurie Spiegel, Phillip David Stearns, Hans Tammen, Robert > Voisey, Daniel Weymouth, John Wiggins, David Wolfson, and Charles David > Younger


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