Rosen Fellowship – please apply!

> The Rosen fellowships offer sophomores and juniors up to $5,000 to be able to carry out a project of their own design. Unlike many fellowships where a student has to compete with thousands of people, this funding is available to BC students only. Each year we select at least 8 students. >
> The range of projects is broad. The donor of this fund is not tied to any specific discipline which is great for our students. This week I am going to see the production of a play that one of the recipients wrote and is producing. Another student visited Argentina to work with a composer to create new work. One student fell in love with geology and went down south to participate in a dig. I could go and on about the different projects. They all share in common that the experiences are transformative. >
> Internships, research, or any combination are welcome. In addition, the committee does not look at student transcripts as the Rosen family is interested in making the opportunity available to the widest population of students. >
> I think this opportunity is great for students interested in art as the field naturally lends itself to project based research. I would be happy to visit a class to help spread the word. If there is a specific student s/he is welcome to come by our office at 213 West Quad. We will also help students develop the proposal, if needed. >
> Here’s a link with the “official” guidelines:
> >
> All the best,
> Evelyn Guzman
> Director
> Office of Scholarships
> Brooklyn College
> 718-951-4796


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