Illumination + Snack by Kate McGraw @ EMP Collective

Kate McGraw announces her solo exhibition, Illumination + Snack, opening at
EMP Collective in Baltimore.

Illumination + Snack: A New Exhibition by Kate McGraw

May 17 ­ June 9

Opening Reception: Friday, May 17th from 7 ­ 10 pm

EMP Collective
307 W Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201 (map
timore,+MD+21201&gl=us&ei=e4CKUfDPBZPC4APru4CoBg&ved=0CDMQ8gEwAA> )

> )

Illumination + Snack is an art adventure featuring an honest cat embarking
on her life-long quest to find salvation in a world full of tricks and
treasures. Embracing the spirit of EMP¹s varied programming, Illumination +
Snack is a ³multi-dimensional journey² that will offer visitors a chance to
see art, be in art, and experience art. McGraw creates a fantastic and
whimsical world with her pieces that audience members are invited to
participate in during the exhibition.

Unfold a colorful and continuous matrix that can be viewed only during a
group participation to gently unravel it. Gather quiet thoughts or dance at
the base of Chouffe Mountain, a mythical place McGraw has created where
³crescendo is intrinsically understood and anyone can achieve their hopes
and dreamsS² or at least have a delicious snack.


About EMP Collective:

Founded in 2010, EMP Collective <> is a nonprofit
arts organization dedicated to producing and promoting art events in
Baltimore, DC, and beyond. The collective also runs EMP, a multi-use arts
space that serves as a gallery for emerging artists and a performance space
for theatrical and musical events, experimental collaboration, workshops,
and film screenings.

³A hub of artistic activity² that was voted Best Arts Collective in 2012
(Baltimore City Paper), EMP has been lauded as one of the boldest ³visions
to change Baltimore² (Baltimore Magazine).


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