Alum Devin Powers: Friday – SPACE TIME


Lesley Heller Workspace, in collaboration with painter Devin Powers,
presents Space Time, a screening of video art from a multi-generational
group of artists including: *David Brody, Thomas Dexter, Rachel Garrard,
Tony Robbin , Will Shapiro, Adam Douglas Thompson, and Siebren Versteeg*.
This one-night event threads together a shared interest in a changing
consciousness of space in contemporary art as influenced by recent
developments in science, technology, and the digital realm.

Painter, writer, and mathematician *Tony Robbin* will present an animation
in collaboration with Kurt Baumann of a hyper-cube rotating in space.
Robbin has dedicated a lifetime to expressing the complexity of
four-dimensional geometry.

The artist and writer,* Adam Douglas Thompson*’s, *An Education*, conveys
the journey of growing up, and takes the viewer through a series of endless
rooms with objects that "impart strange and ambiguous life lessons."

The young mathematician, programmer, and architectural designer,* Will
Shapiro*, continues farther into higher dimensional space by showing the
choreographed movement of a cube whirling in eight-dimensions in his
animation, *Eight Cycle Study*, coded in 2012.

The artist and writer *David Brody* exhibits his landmark 1989 work,
Beethoven Machinery, along with his enigmatic * Proliferation*, made in

New York and London based artist *Rachel Garrard* shows her 2012 work, *
Procession*; a dizzying cosmic journey that speaks to the infinities of
space and ourselves within it.

In his 2008 work, *Inevitable*, new-media artist and painter *Siebren
Versteeg* explores the digital sublime through the pestle and mortar grind
of pixels.

Lastly, artist and performer *Thomas Dexter* will be showing *Horizon 1*and
*Horizon 5 * from his wildly intense *Spin Cycle Series*. Dexter turns
space at speeds that reveal compelling geometries and harrowingly energetic
sounds that read as both the product of his process and the turbulence of
the times.

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