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We’re Awarding a $2500 Scholarship for a Slice of Life

March 28, 2013

We’re Awarding a $2500 Scholarship for a Slice of Life There’s more than one
way to peel an orange, and there’s more than one way to learn. As someone
who works daily to engage students, you know that they come to your
classroom with unique traits and identities. We want to hear about them!
We’re asking students to get creative and put together a short video that
illustrates their identity as a unique learner. We’re awarding a $2500
scholarship for the best video.
Learn More!
Please share this opportunity with your students. Encourage them to visit
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Deadline: April 19, 2013
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CUNY/LABOR ARTS CONTEST: WINNERS! – 1st prize in Visual arts to Brooklyn College!

March 27, 2013

They had over 150 submissions – and check out the Visual Arts winners and honorable mentions below! Congrats, Jardley Jean-Louis and Stacey Brayman!


* 1st Place: Jessica Guerra, "The Williamsburg
Renaissance", NYC Tech
* 2nd Place: Terri Sirma, "Shackled Freedom",
Queens College
* 3rd Place: Tyrone Palmer, "The Linden Protests
and the Emergence of Occupy Guyana", Brooklyn


* 1st Place: Jess Williard, "On Summer in Southern
Iowa", Queens College
* 2nd Place: Samantha Forbes, "Lace Work", Lehman
* 3rd Place: Ricci L. Niles, "Cardinal Points",
* Honorable Mentions:

* Stephanie Davis, "Pickin Cotton", Queens
* Darren Bowman, "I’ve Learned That", Queens


* 1st place: Ariella Michal Medows, "Bubby’s
Blood", Macaulay @ Lehman College
* 2nd place: Aleksandr Smechov, "Cart", Baruch
* 3rd place: Michael Youmans, "The Hands of Time",
NYC Tech
* Honorable Mention: Chante L. Reid, "Monotony,"
Bronx Community College


* 1st place: Jardley Jean-Louis, "Look There",
Brooklyn College
* 2nd place: Elizabeth Arias, "Balance", City
* 3rd place: Bao Lin Zhang, "Working on Sunday",
City College
* Honorable mentions

* Jessica Rowshandel, "Get it Right", Hunter
* Steven Chalmers, "Untitled (Joe Wyble)",
City College
* Victoria Mathew, "Chilean Worker",
LaGuardia Community College
* Stacey Brayman, "The People’s Revolution",
Brooklyn College
* Manjinder Kaur, "Handmade Embroidery", John
Jay College of Criminal Justice

Marginal Porttraits opens this Friday March 29 at Centotto Gallery

March 27, 2013

I am pleased to tell you that I am included in a show this Friday at Centotto Gallery. The opening is from 7-10
the gallery is at 250 Moore Street #108 in Brooklyn, New York

I hope to see you there.

250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Career Event: Network with Alums April 10

March 25, 2013

Hello Art Department – We have been working to get some interesting alumni to attend this event to help you make contacts, get information about careers and get a job:

You are invited to attend a Networking Night for Brooklyn College’s School of Visual Media and Performing Arts on Wednesday, April 10th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, 2013 on campus. Spend an evening conversing with Brooklyn College’s students and alumni in your career field. Discuss with them your experience, profession, company, trends and industries. Please fill out this form prior to March 29th or contact Zavi Gunn directly for additional details. This event is sponsored by the Magner Career Center.

Zavi Gunn

Associate Director of Career Development

Magner Center for Career Development and Internships

Brooklyn College – 1303 James Hall

2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11210

Phone: (718) 951-5696

E-mail: <mailto:ZGunn>

Web: <>

Download the Magner Career Mobile App <> Today!

"Become a fan on Facebook <> , follow us on Twitter <> and watch us on YouTube <> "

First Year Thursdays featuring the Art Group and the Printmaking club – April 11

March 25, 2013

Alum Devin Powers: Friday – SPACE TIME

March 25, 2013


Lesley Heller Workspace, in collaboration with painter Devin Powers,
presents Space Time, a screening of video art from a multi-generational
group of artists including: *David Brody, Thomas Dexter, Rachel Garrard,
Tony Robbin , Will Shapiro, Adam Douglas Thompson, and Siebren Versteeg*.
This one-night event threads together a shared interest in a changing
consciousness of space in contemporary art as influenced by recent
developments in science, technology, and the digital realm.

Painter, writer, and mathematician *Tony Robbin* will present an animation
in collaboration with Kurt Baumann of a hyper-cube rotating in space.
Robbin has dedicated a lifetime to expressing the complexity of
four-dimensional geometry.

The artist and writer,* Adam Douglas Thompson*’s, *An Education*, conveys
the journey of growing up, and takes the viewer through a series of endless
rooms with objects that "impart strange and ambiguous life lessons."

The young mathematician, programmer, and architectural designer,* Will
Shapiro*, continues farther into higher dimensional space by showing the
choreographed movement of a cube whirling in eight-dimensions in his
animation, *Eight Cycle Study*, coded in 2012.

The artist and writer *David Brody* exhibits his landmark 1989 work,
Beethoven Machinery, along with his enigmatic * Proliferation*, made in

New York and London based artist *Rachel Garrard* shows her 2012 work, *
Procession*; a dizzying cosmic journey that speaks to the infinities of
space and ourselves within it.

In his 2008 work, *Inevitable*, new-media artist and painter *Siebren
Versteeg* explores the digital sublime through the pestle and mortar grind
of pixels.

Lastly, artist and performer *Thomas Dexter* will be showing *Horizon 1*and
*Horizon 5 * from his wildly intense *Spin Cycle Series*. Dexter turns
space at speeds that reveal compelling geometries and harrowingly energetic
sounds that read as both the product of his process and the turbulence of
the times.

Summer Internship at the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum

March 21, 2013

Please look at the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum internship posting attached. If candidates should have any questions, you can direct them to Melissa Branfman at

Summer Internship 2013.doc

New Brooklyn College Printmaking Club!

March 20, 2013

There is a new Brooklyn College Printmaking club! All are welcome.
Arnold Brooks is the Faculty Adivisor for the all new-Brooklyn College Printmaking Club

The Board members are:
Elia Bonsignore — president
Claudia Racos — Vice-president
Isa Veliu — Treasure
Lizzette Bonfante — Secretary
Oliver Scampoli — Event Coordinator

Meeting tomorrow Thursday at 12:40 at 4200 Boylan Hall. Member pictures will be taken tomorrow at 1:30 PM in 4200 Boylan Hall (printmaking facility).


Alexander Nixon (MA) for the Kingsman on the MFAs

March 20, 2013

First Year MFAs Open their Studios to Public this Friday and Saturday
By Alexander Nixon ( , Managing Arts Editor

This Friday and Saturday, twenty-seven Master of Fine Arts candidates will open their studios to the public, unveiling creations from their first year of love, labor, and learning here at Brooklyn College. By inviting the public into the artists’ inner sanctum, Open Studios organizers hope visitors will engage artists about their creative processes.

For example, visitors to Mitch Patrick ( ‘s 6th floor art studio in Boylan Hall will be able to see what hi-tech tools transformed his ideas into art. He said, "I’ll be exhibiting CNC laser routed illuminated panels, 3-dimensional printed work, as well as videos."

"I’ve learned how to use these technologies through taking classes, building my own [3D] printer, and learning the software needed to run the machines I’m currently using. For me, challenges arise from change and progression, which is also a driving force. My curiosity is also something that I challenge, so it’s important for me to explore these new tools and find out how I can use them to realize my ideas/plans," he said.

According to Professor Jennifer McCoy, who is the faculty coordinator for this year’s event, the 2013 MFA spring open house is the first of its kind to be organized by first year MFA candidates. The first-year MFAs will take over the Graduate Art club next year. The open studios event marks their "take-over" as second-year students, when they finalize work for their thesis exhibitions.

McCoy said coordinating back-to-back Open Studios and thesis shows is a challenge for organizers but a blessing for Open Studios visitors, who will be able to glimpse at preparations by second year students for their thesis shows.

"[Open Studios] visitors can watch as these students put the finishing touches on the culmination of their graduate work," he said.

Twenty-seven year-old Chicago native Kate Ostler ( plans on showing some recent ceramic pieces she has been working on in the ceramics studio in Whitehead Hall.

"It’s been a while since I focused on a body of ceramic work," she said. "And the Open Studios will be a nice time for me to show others what I’ve been doing so far this semester."

"I also enjoy MFA Open Studios because the twenty-seven of us are so seldom available in our studios at the same time- it’s nice to know that I can drop in on other artists to view and encourage their work, and it’s nice to know that some of them might do the same for me."

"Everything that’s in my studio has been made while I’ve been at BC," Olster said. "Everything shown by MFAs in this Open Studios event should be stuff that the MFA students made during their first year."

Ostler said, "the MFAs have been trying our best to promote the event to the greater Brooklyn College community, as well as other arts organizations, arts-oriented universities, and galleries. We’ve reached out to the art department, all art majors including the BFA group, and have set up a Facebook page with more information."

Ostler enjoys the event’s "inviting atmosphere" and that it gives visitors the opportunity to meet the artists.

"It’s great to have a mix of visitors who are not familiar with our work, and other students who may have an idea about what we’re focused on. I’m especially interested in seeing the second-year MFA studios, as this is their last Open Studio before their Thesis Show and graduation," she said.

The MFAs open their studios this Friday, March 22 from 4pm to 10pm and Saturday from noon to 6pm.

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MFA Open Studios

March 19, 2013

MFA Open Studios
Friday, March 22, 2013, 4-10pm
Saturday, March 23, 2013, noon-6pm
Boylan Hall, Floors 4, 5, and 6 (signs will be posted with arrows to studios)

Further information, including a list of artists, can be found on our website: