perhaps you can help? Re: giving materials to PRATT students

The art department at Pratt recently experienced a fire and lost spaces and materials – they are looking for donations of materials to get students through the semester:
> Below is an email from the Assistant Chair of Fine Arts . It has been rough
> on the students and the faculty .
> It looks like there will be some new spaces in the gym after the midterm
> break . My department ( foundation) has been dispersed all over campus– we
> got water damage no fire . Lots of computers ruined some books but the
> offices and some classrooms are uninhabitable .
> I know the students will appreciate anything you can spare.
> Patrick Webb
> Items can be sent to:
> Nat Meade (Donations)
> C/O
> Departement of Fine Arts, South 101
> Pratt Institute
> 200 Willoughby Ave
> Brooklyn, NY 11205
> Please have them include their name, address and email address.
> We have plenty of brushes but could use stretchers and raw canvas, gouache
> and watercolors, and oil paints.
> Specifically Belgian linen, Old Holland cadmiums and cobalts, lapis
> lazuli, kolinsky sable no 12 and no 16 cat’s tongue brushes, etc. We are
> grateful for whatever they can provide.
> best,
> Nat
> Nat Meade
> Assistant to the Chair of Fine Arts
> Graduate Studies
> South Hall Suite 101
> 718.636.3792


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