Calling all BC Art Department alumni!

The School of Visual and Performing Arts is having an alumni networking evening on Wed. April 10 6-7:30pm and we wish to invite you to attend!  Whether you are currently working in the Art World or not, your post-BC life will be of interest to students. What can one do with an art history or art studio degree?  We hope you will attend to answer.  Recent grads are especially sought!  Please don’t feel that your work is too entry level or not art-related enough to be of interest – a liberal arts degree leads to all sorts of work and our students are interested!  If you are interested in coming to this event, please contact me: Professor Jennifer Ball,

Undergrads and grads, after taking a workshop in networking, will attend to meet you, hear about what you have done since graduation, and learn how you got there.  The event will be a casual party atmosphere with food.  We are hoping to feature some of the work of our artists and there will be live music from the Music department. It should be a fun evening AND a great way to give back to Brooklyn College by lending your knowledge to current students.

Please contact me if you can come!



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