NSAL Competition – Career Awards Scholarship in Printmaking

National Society of Arts and Letters
New York State Chapter

invites printmaking artists between the ages of 18 – 29 to compete in the 2013 Career
Art Award Competition


Dear Jennifer,
I am following up on previous communications. As the New York State Chair of the
National Society of Arts and Letters’ Career Awards Competition, I invite your students
to apply for our 2013 printmaking competition scholarship. Students may compete
for a first place award of $15,000 along with a series of other awards.
The scholarship is available, through the National Society of Arts and Letters,
to young visual artists between the ages of 18 – 29. Applicants must demonstrate
exceptional talent and promise of future success.
This is an excellent opportunity for students wishing to receive private study or
to attend special workshops, museum programs, summer programs or similar opportunities
for personal advancement in the art of printmaking.
Applicants must first complete an application downloadable from the NSAL website:
http://www.arts-nsal.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0018WzGKxz2eDNU50HG2KLeucLwP-JTfCg4tXSq8jWipVkgt0WM2iZVrw1R0du0lYewkoFatHZe74M7L_odVHxehxSDRm96oHdQ77Dfn64UVVluHZDMoDaYfQnpfZSK4uEV_fNmS6amUFP8sr0gLJ0CfBu93cBQ7xgJ6kd0CUpNhKT15MEZXg7PrMhtEO8EZa729OdmNoj6RSRWHUzOMPgi-1DXaGg1HotUjTTlPbxrLuv0mSVvjBr5_z3IqB1YjLcKBYaEKz8ycsQg3h1Lj9f59HZFqAe7McvFXb-H6HVk5RAD_zqVyL8gaA==].
Complete competition guidelines are available on the NSAL website.
Applications should be mailed to:
11060 Freeport Lane, North East, PA 16428
along with a $25 application fee. Mailed items should be postmarked no later than
February 1, 2013.

Participants who place first at the local level may then move on to the national
competition for the opportunity of a $15,000 first place award, as well as a series
of other awards.
Please feel free to call with any questions at 716-451-4004 or
Margaret Johnson
Vice President, NSAL-New York
Chair, National Career Awards Competition – Printmaking.

Visit our website! [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0018WzGKxz2eDNU50HG2KLeucLwP-JTfCg4tXSq8jWipVkgt0WM2iZVrw1R0du0lYewkoFatHZe74M7L_odVHxehxSDRm96oHdQ77Dfn64UVVluHZDMoDaYfQnpfZSK4uEV_fNmS6amUFP8sr0gLJ0CfBu93cBQ7xgJ6kd0CUpNhKT15MEZXg7PrMhtEO8EZa729OdmNoj6RSRWHUzOMPgi-1DXaGg1HotUjTTlPbxrLuv0mSVvjBr5_z3IqB1YjLcKBYaEKz8ycsQg3h1Lj9f59HZFqAe7McvFXb-H6HVk5RAD_zqVyL8gaA==]

Learn more about National Society of Arts and Letters at http://www.arts-nsal.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0018WzGKxz2eDNU50HG2KLeucLwP-JTfCg4tXSq8jWipVkgt0WM2iZVrw1R0du0lYewkoFatHZe74M7L_odVHxehxSDRm96oHdQ77Dfn64UVVluHZDMoDaYfQnpfZSK4uEV_fNmS6amUFP8sr0gLJ0CfBu93cBQ7xgJ6kd0CUpNhKT15MEZXg7PrMhtEO8EZa729OdmNoj6RSRWHUzOMPgi-1DXaGg1HotUjTTlPbxrLuv0mSVvjBr5_z3IqB1YjLcKBYaEKz8ycsQg3h1Lj9f59HZFqAe7McvFXb-H6HVk5RAD_zqVyL8gaA==]


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