Art Historians: Invitation to Winter Break Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students at Brooklyn College

Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students at Brooklyn College

The Magner Center for Career Development and Internships is pleased to offer a boot camp this January 17, 2013 to familiarize liberal arts students with a variety of industries and to help ease the transition from college to career.

Boot Camp participants will:

· Increase awareness of exciting and doable career paths for liberal arts students within business fields.

· Participate in an interactive and resume-building training with the Dale Carnegie company on transferable skills for the job market.

· Better understand terminology, job functions, and skill sets valued by employers in business, finance, management consulting, human resources, advertising, and more.

· Expand networks with alumni professionals in diverse fields and learn how to leverage these relationships.

· Hear from Keynote Speaker Marge Magner, a Brooklyn College alumna successful in business with a liberal arts background.

· Learn how to become competitive for opportunities after graduation.

Business Boot Camp: An inside look at the corporate world for liberal arts students

This exciting full day career exploration workshop includes presentations facilitated by Brooklyn College business faculty, a leadership training, and networking opportunities with alumni.

Date and Location: Thursday, January 17, 2013 at the Brooklyn College Student Center.

Time: 9am to 5pm (Full day participation is required.)


Please register here:

Space is limited to 50 students! This program is for liberal arts students only. (This includes any degree in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences <mailto:suzanneg> .

Suzanne Grossman

Career Education and Training Coordinator

Magner Center for Career Development & Internships

Brooklyn College, CUNY

Office: 1209 James Hall

Direct Line: 718-951-5000 x2240

Magner Center: 718-951-5696

"Become a fan on Facebook <> , follow us on Twitter <> and watch us on YouTube <> "

P Please help reduce our impact. Do not print this e-mail unless absolutely necessary.


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