Arnold Brooks Brooklyn College Professor in 60×60 Voice Mix

Announcing the First 60×60 Voice mix

The 60×60 (2012) Voice mix is the first 60×60 mix comprised of works which

incorporate the human voice. Thomas Gerwin is the audio coordinator for the

60×60 (2012) Voice Mix. Thanks to Thomas Gerwin (The Voice Mix Audio
Coordinator) we will be scheduling a performance of this mix at the
International Sound Art Festival

Berlin 2012.

International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012 focuses on a very special

issue, the most intimate and intuitive way to express oneself through sound:

the voice. The human voice is not only an essential part of each and every

communication, but also the oldest musical instrument. It expresses since

ever most spontaneously, natural und precisely emotions, quite directly as

well as artfully formed and modulated. At the same time it is the most

important tool to analyze and define matters of the world semantically in a

powerful and extremely complex way, if desired. Most seemingly no other

instrument can be used (= encoded and decoded/experienced) in such multiple

and profound ways as the human voice.

International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012 approaches the phenomenon

through concerts/artistic sound performances, an interactive sound

exhibition, through soundwalks and a symposium, which are connected

conceptionally counterpointing the field of interest. A focus will be set to

the quality of authenticity and to the worlds of experimental noise and

environmental sound.

International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012


"60×60 Voice-Mix" Celebrating a decade of one-minute works

Thursday – October 25, 2012

20:00 hrs (8:00 PM)

Mitte Museum

Pankstraße 47 13357

Berlin, Germany

Composer’s in the 60×60 (2012) Voice mix are:

Warren Burt, Arnold Brooks, Bernard Clarke, Alison Conard, Adam Cullen,
Leonardo Duerto, Tilted Eardrum, Mark Eden, Kramer Elwell, Soressa Gardner,
Richard Dee Hall, Nathan Halverson, Andrew Heathwaite, Chih-Fang Huang,
Karl Heinz Jeron, Allison Adah Johnson, Brad Kemp, Joan La Barbara,
Sebastien Lavoie, Hoyong Lee, Augustine Jan Seth Maranatha Bannatyne
Leudar, Moises Linares, J Henry, Hartman Lowengard, Sylvi macCormac, Liam
Molloy, Tomoko Momiyama, Josua Moreno, David Morneau, David Moscovich, KO.
DO. NA, Julia Norton, Linda O Keeffe, Lefteris Papadimitriou, Robert James
Pierson, La Cosa Preziosa, Holland Sangster, Nigel Lorimer Simpson, David
Jason Snow, Juan Maria Solare, Eli Stine, Nathan Tamborello, Benjamin D
Taylor, Matilda Jane Thayer, Dixie Treichel, Ultra Violins, Robert Voisey,
Lisa Whistlecroft,

Logos Women, Sabrina Pena Young, and Nena Zinovieff×60/2012_Voice_Mix.htm




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