Great graduate course for Arts Educators

Hi All
The ECAE department is offering this grad class this fall if there is
interest. We schedule it every spring, and it has been a real hit with the
art ed students. If you know of any grad students looking of an interesting
elective, particularly if they are interested in popular media, please feel
free to forward this description. They can email me if they want more

Regards and spring smiles

ED 7530 The Diverse Classroom in a Visual Culture
Visual Culture encompasses topics from traditional fine arts to film,
television, Internet, video games, advertising and other forms of popular
culture. We live in a society dominated by images that are utilized by
often-conflicting agendas; however, they do not always reflect the diverse
ethnicities of the people immersed in them. This class will explore
critically the effects and consequences of visual communication in an
increasingly pluralistic educational environment. Students will also
investigate how various visual traditions influence identity formation and

The course is taught by Nathan Grupposo, a visiting artist who received his
MFA from Boston University and Teaching Certificate from Brooklyn College.


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