da Centotto: Gatherings to Bear in Mind, 23.3.2012 & 6.4.2012

*Centotto // esibizioni, aperture, mostre

*Carissimi amici, salve*.

We at Centotto, in warm concert with the venerable Centotto Board of
Trustees, hope you are thus far enjoying the arrival of spring. And
assuming you are, we would like to offer you a couple ways to augment its
already pleasant incipience.

1. Please join us this Friday, 23 March, from 7-10pm for a hopefully
discursive wrapping-up of the current *simposio* exhibit, *Courtesy Roma
Abramovich: The First Unveiling*. Note: We shall, in fact, wrap it up.
Information, including a full listing of the Centotto Board of Trustees and
a few photos from last month’s eventfully executed disrobings, at
centotto.com. <http://centotto.com>

2. Pencil us in as well, *per piacere*, for the evening of Friday, 6 April,
for the opening of a new *interstizio* exhibit, *Theriomorphous
It will feature artworks by Joel Dugan, Andrew Smenos, Jason Andrew, Zane
Wilson, Fred Valentine, Mike Ballou, Eric Trosko, Rick Briggs, Paul Gagner,
Don Pablo Pedro, Tom Micchelli and Tim Kent.

As the flyer below perhaps also implies, we mildly suggest it might well
blow your minds.

*Grazie mille* for your time and attention.

Now please, go play outside.



[image: Immagine in linea 1]

Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto*
250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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