Contact: A Symposium of Latin American Art, Friday February 3rd

What: CONTACT: A Symposium of Latin American Art
When: Friday, February 3, 2011, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Where: CUNY Graduate Center, Ninth Floor, Room 9204

Free and open to the public. Lunch provided. Bring photo ID and tell the guards at the front that you are going to room 9204.

Conference Description:
Scholars have traditionally explored a narrow definition of contact when it comes to art in and of the Americas. For some scholars, it has been those few decades or centuries when the Spanish first arrived in the Americas. For others, it has meant the influence of European art and practical techniques on colonial-period indigenous or mestizo artists and their resulting masterpieces. Still others have considered the impact of pre-Columbian art and cultures on Modern and contemporary art and artists. This symposium seeks to broaden the definition of contact in Latin American art beyond these pre-defined boundaries. Whether across time periods, or cultures, or oceans, we seek unique viewpoints on contact between peoples, time, objects, geographies, and even museum spaces.

Tentative Schedule, Speakers, and Topics:
Keynote Speaker, Dr. Marcus B. Burke, Senior Curator, The Hispanic Society of America

Elena FitzPatrick Sifford, Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
“Seeing and Believing: The Mass of Saint Gregory Featherwork from the Franciscan College in Mexico City”

Kate E. Holohan, Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
“Gods, Temples, and Sacrifice in Bernard and Picart’s Mexico City”

Maya Jiménez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art History, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
“Latin American Primitivism on View at the 1889 Exposition Universelle”

** Short Discussion and Break – Lunch Provided **

Lauren Kaplan, Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
“Crossing the Atlantic: Emilio Pettoruti and the Rise of Argentine Modernism”

Heather Reyes, Masters Program in Art History, Hunter College, CUNY
“Joaquín Torres-García and Cercle et Carre: The Formation of Universal Constructivism”

Carolyn Yates, Ph.D. Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
“The Mexican Embassy Murals in Washington DC: The Converging Imagery of Mexicanidad and Tourism”

Alberto McKelligan, Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
“Transnational Feminist Artistic Practice: Mónica Mayer and the Feminist Studies Workshop, 1978-1993″


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