Tulane-Siena Institute for International Law, Cultural Heritage and the Arts Announcement

Tulane University Law School

[Non sibi, sed suis: Not for one’s self, but for one’s own]
[Non sibi, sed suis: Not for one’s self, but for one’s own]

Summer Study at the Tulane-Siena

Institute for International Law,

Cultural Heritage, and the Arts

Dear Professor Ball,

[I would like to share with you an exciting program that we will offer in Siena, Italy this June. The Tulane – Siena Institute for International Law, Cultural Heritage and the Arts reinvigorates 20 years of cooperation between the University of Siena Facoltà di Giurisprudenza and Tulane University Law School. It offers the world’s best program for the study of the complex and fascinating relationship between international law, art and cultural property that stands apart from all others.  There could be no better place to pursue such studies than in the artistic treasure that is Siena.      Although courses in the conventional sense will be held at the Facolta di Giurisprudenza, Siena and Tuscany will be the true classrooms, providing students with the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the issues that shape this field.  Classroom lectures are supplemented extensively with field trips to museums and private collections, and guest speakers to take full advantage of the program’s location. While the program was designed for law students, graduate students in other disciplines- such as art, art history, archeology, and anthropology-are encouraged to attend. In addition to our diverse faculty, this allows the program to bring together not only international legal scholars, but also scholars with art history, archaeology and cultural heritage expertise in order to give students a multi-dimensional understanding of the subject matter.  In closing, let me encourage you to contact me or our program coordinator, Chana Lewis, personally by phone or e-mail should you have further questions about this terrific program. Please share this wonderful opportunity with anyone you feel may be interested. We would also be very grateful if you would post our attached flyer where it can be seen by interested students. Ci vediamo in Italia!]



James Gordley

Siena Program Director

W.R. Irby Chair in Law

Tulane University Law School

6329 Freret Street, Suite 255B

New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

(504) 865-5971 (office)

(504) 862-8855 (fax)


To remove your name from our mailing list, please click here<http://www.law.tulane.edu/abroadforms.aspx?ekfrm=16220>.

Questions or comments? E-mail us at chana.lewis@tulane.edu<mailto:chana.lewis> , call 504-865-5990 or visit our website: http://www.law.tulane.edu/abroad&lt;http://www.law.tulane.edu/abroad>



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