Art History Lectures at the Graduate Center: Spring 2012 Rewald Seminars

Rewald Seminars

Spring 2012

A research seminar series organized by the

Ph.D. Program in Art History, CUNY Graduate Center

6.30-8pm Tuesdays, Room 3416

7 February Cynthia Hahn, Hunter and CUNY Graduate Center, Art History: Cross: Thing and Not-Thing

21 February Jean-Louis Cohen, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University: Le Corbusier: Landscapes for the Machine Age

6 March Ara Merjian, New York University, Italian Studies/Art
Towards a Theory of Free and Indirect Painting: Giorgio de

Chirico’s Philosophical Promenade

20 March Ivone Margulies, Hunter and CUNY Graduate Center, Film
Program: Reenactment and A-filiation in Contemporary Cinema

27 March Cary Levine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Art
History: Pay for Your Pleasures: The Art of Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy and Raymond Pettibon

24 April Meredith Martin, Wellesley College, Art History:
Art, Diplomacy, and Global Trade in France from Louis XIV to the


8 May Juan José Lahuerta, Barcelona School of Architecture:

Gaudi and the “patisserie Barcelone”: Elitism, Bohemianism, Fashion and Caricature


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