da Centotto: Closing Party This Friday, 20.1.2012, 7-10pm

*Centotto // esibizioni, aperture, mostre

Bridging the tail end of last year with the tip top of this one, Centotto’s
current *simposio* exhibit, *Dissolution, or Resolutions*, is now nearing
the out-tending terminus of its cross-dissolve fade. Please join us as we
bid it farewell almost precisely 49 hours from now.

More succinctly, and in a manner less reliant upon instant reception of
this message:

Friday, 20 February, 7-10pm: Closing party for *Dissolution, or Resolutions.
* <http://centotto.com>
10pm-good question: Afterparty at The Narrows, 1037 Flushing Avenue.

Bring along something to warm yourself up or get you properly buzzed and
we’ll be waiting impatiently to buzz you right in.

Really, the buzzer really does work. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors…

See you all* prestissimo*.



[image: image.jpeg]

*Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto*
250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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