Art History classes for spring 2012 – Grad and Undergrad

Here are the art history courses offered by the department for Undergraduate and Graduate students for spring 2012:

Art History Classes – Graduate and Undergraduate – Spring 2012


Baroque Art Italy ARTD 3046, code 3433 W 6:30-9:15, Prof. Mallory

Special Topics (Art of Death and Dying in Mexico) ARTD3195, code3437, T 6:30-09:15PM, Prof. Kilroy

Realism, Impressionism and Post Impressionism ARTD 3062, code 1879, M/W 2:15-3:30, Prof. Hadler

Art Theory & Criticism ARTD 3177, code 2356, M 9:30-12:00, Prof. Hadler

NYC Architecture and Urban Design ARTD 3164, code 3436, F 9:30-12:00, Prof. Simon

Early Medieval Art ARTD 3018, code 3434, T/Th 11-12:15, Prof. ball


Special Problems I: History of Sound Art, ARTD 7198G Prof. David Grubbs (Pima and Music Dept), Thursday 6:30-9:15 GRAD ONLY!

Medieval Art to Charlemagne ARTD 7019G code 3585, T/Th 11-12:15, Prof. Ball

Baroque Art Italy ARTD 7043, code 3442, W 6:30-9:15, Prof. Mallory

Special Topics: Baroque (NOT REALLY BAROQUE BUT Art of Death and Dying in Mexico), ARTD 7051G, code 3443, T 06:30-09:15PM, Prof. Kilroy

Impressionism and Post Impressionism, Art 7064G code 1924, M/W 2:15-3:30, prof. Hadler

Art Theory & Criticism Art 7180G code 2361, M 9:30-12:00, Prof. Hadler

Architecture and Urban Design in New York City Art 7097 code 3586, F 9:30-12, Prof. Simon



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