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Brooklyn College Alumni Curate Large Salon Show

December 23, 2011



volunteers needed for large-scale scenic painting project for the Whitney Biennale

December 23, 2011

Bob Bellerue is overseeing a project for the Whitney Biennale which involves a
lot of scenic painting, and he is trying to gather volunteers to help
finish the project

It is for a dance performance at The Whitney Museum in March; they
are having a custom stage built in one of their galleries. the
choreographer has taken architectural drawings from the building and
wants to have them painted onto the stage surface.

They are going to find a suitable commercial space for this detailed
painting to occur January 9-20, and are looking for 10 volunteers
to work with a professional painter to transfer each section of the
artwork onto each piece of masonite flooring, and then do the detailed

it will be a great experience for anyone who is interested in scenic
or fine art painting. If interested, please contact:
Bob Bellerue

Brooklyn Museum Happenings

December 19, 2011


Exhibition Tomorrow in Boylan Gallery- Shoshana Donnelly

December 18, 2011

Hello BC Art Department,

BFA student Shoshana Donnelley will be having her exhibition this week (she
was unable to take the BFA seminar, and thus has to have her show now).
Here are the details:

Shoshana Donnelly’s Critter Collection
Room 5410 Boylan
Opening: Monday, December 19th, 5:30-7:30pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Thursday 2pm- 5pm

Hope you can come!


paid internship opportunity at the Cleveland Museum of Art

December 13, 2011


Brooklyn College Students and Faculty, You’re invited to an Opening at the Brooklyn Museum!

December 12, 2011

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Arts Award

December 8, 2011

In February 2012, Brooklyn College will be able to nominate two of its seniors or recent graduates
(from within the last five years) for the Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts
Award, which is worth up to $50,000 per year for up to three years. To
quote from the Foundation’s press release,

"The Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award will enable students who have
significant artistic merit and outstanding academic achievement to complete
a graduate degree in the visual arts, performing arts, or creative writing.
It will provide funding for tuition, room, board, required fees, and books.
The Foundation anticipates awarding 10 scholarships in 2011, with more
scholarships possible in subsequent years. Artistic disciplines eligible for
the award include music, performing arts (including dance and theater),
visual arts (including film, painting, sculpture, and photography) and
creative writing."

Students eligible for the Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award must be
nominated by their undergraduate institution by February 9, 2011. For
additional information and eligibility requirements, please visit:

Attached to this message, please find the complete press release for the
award, as well as a flyer and a poster to help publicize this extraordinary
opportunity for Brooklyn College’s students in the arts.

I have volunteered to serve as Brooklyn College’s faculty representative to
the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and I would be glad to answer any questions
that students may have about the application process. Please note that the
internal deadline for applications is February 1, 2012. After that date,
two applicants will be selected as nominees from Brooklyn College.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,
David Grubbs
Associate Professor, Conservatory of Music
Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA)
Brooklyn College, CUNY


MA’s curate MFA’s in Dean’s Office Exhibition – come to the opening!

December 7, 2011


Triple Canopy’s Annual Call for Proposals

December 6, 2011

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce its third annual call for proposals
from artists and writers:

Commissions will be considered under six project areas and published in the
course of the next year. Artistic, editorial, and technical staff will work
closely with contributors as they develop the best approach to realizing
their projects on the Web, from the conceptual phase to the design and
technological production. Recipients receive:

– Three to six months of artistic, editorial, and technical support
– Honorarium of up to $300 as well as material costs
– Opportunity to present the project to an audience in the form of a
reading, workshop, or discussion
– Opportunity for inclusion in our annual print publication, *Invalid
Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy*, as well as our ongoing
broadsheet series
– Archiving and long-term maintenance of the final project by technical

Triple Canopy welcomes artist projects that treat the Internet as a medium
and seek to develop ideas that engage with-but reach beyond-its specific
qualities and attendant modes of readership and viewership; artful
reporting, intelligible philosophizing, distinctive fictionalizing and the
like. Because of Triple Canopy’s unique interface we encourage writers not
to be bound by the standard styles of magazine, art, and academic writing.

*Applications are due by midnight on Monday, February 13, 2012.* Applicants
will be notified by March 1 whether their proposals have reached the second
round of review. Commission recipients will be announced on April 3.
Projects will be developed in collaboration with Triple Canopy for
publication in the online magazine (or live presentation in New York)
between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Please direct all questions and
materials to

View our submission guidelines:
View our past commission recipients:

We would appreciate if you would circulate this to your colleagues and
anyone who might be interested. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with
any questions.

Best wishes,
Kathryn Sonnabend

Kathryn Sonnabend
Editorial and Production Assistant
Triple Canopy

Art History classes for spring 2012 – Grad and Undergrad

December 2, 2011

Here are the art history courses offered by the department for Undergraduate and Graduate students for spring 2012:

Art History Classes – Graduate and Undergraduate – Spring 2012


Baroque Art Italy ARTD 3046, code 3433 W 6:30-9:15, Prof. Mallory

Special Topics (Art of Death and Dying in Mexico) ARTD3195, code3437, T 6:30-09:15PM, Prof. Kilroy

Realism, Impressionism and Post Impressionism ARTD 3062, code 1879, M/W 2:15-3:30, Prof. Hadler

Art Theory & Criticism ARTD 3177, code 2356, M 9:30-12:00, Prof. Hadler

NYC Architecture and Urban Design ARTD 3164, code 3436, F 9:30-12:00, Prof. Simon

Early Medieval Art ARTD 3018, code 3434, T/Th 11-12:15, Prof. ball


Special Problems I: History of Sound Art, ARTD 7198G Prof. David Grubbs (Pima and Music Dept), Thursday 6:30-9:15 GRAD ONLY!

Medieval Art to Charlemagne ARTD 7019G code 3585, T/Th 11-12:15, Prof. Ball

Baroque Art Italy ARTD 7043, code 3442, W 6:30-9:15, Prof. Mallory

Special Topics: Baroque (NOT REALLY BAROQUE BUT Art of Death and Dying in Mexico), ARTD 7051G, code 3443, T 06:30-09:15PM, Prof. Kilroy

Impressionism and Post Impressionism, Art 7064G code 1924, M/W 2:15-3:30, prof. Hadler

Art Theory & Criticism Art 7180G code 2361, M 9:30-12:00, Prof. Hadler

Architecture and Urban Design in New York City Art 7097 code 3586, F 9:30-12, Prof. Simon