da Centotto: Opening of Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi, 30 September, 7-10pm


23 settembre MMXI

Signore e signori,

Please join us at Centotto next *Friday, 30 September 2011, from 7-10pm* for
the opening of *Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi *(Seas, Ships and
Shipwrecks), an *interstizio* exhibit featuring works by Harry Gold, Adam
Thompson, Josh Willis, Alice Lynn McMichael, Tim Kent, Zane Wilson, Rebecca
Litt, Joel Dugan, Chris Wyrick, Rachel Day, Warren Holt and Paul Bergeron.

Details at centotto.com and on the flyer below. Or in the notes of Humphrey
van Weydon:

"When I emerged on deck it seemed that the end of everything had come. On
all sides there was a rending and crashing of wood and steel and canvas. The
*Ghost* was being wrenched and torn to fragments. The foresail and fore
topsail, emptied of the wind by the manouvre, and with no one to bring in
the sheet in time, were thundering into ribbons, the heavy boom threshing
and splintering from rail to rail. The air was thick with flying wreckage,
detached ropes and stays were hissing and coiling like snakes, and down
through it all crashed the gaff of the foresail." – *The Sea Wolf*, Jack

Bet the boat on a full hull of all such things and a fair haul of
meta-nautical then-somes.

Christening at Centotto until 10 and at The Narrows thereafter.

From one valorous port-of-call to the

*- Paul*
*n.b. *If you plan to navigate the neighborhood a bit further before or
after your visit to Centotto, consider stopping by openings at
Storefront<http://www.storefrontbk.com/exhibitions.html>and Norte
Maar <http://nortemaar.org/>. *Nuove mostre ovunque quella sera,
*[image: MariNaviNaufragi.piccolo.jpg]


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