Archie Rand ³Three Major Works² – Exhibition Opening

Opening: Sunday, September 25, 4-6 pm
Temple Beth Sholom 401 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights, L.I. 11577 ­
631-462-9848 <tel:631-462-9848>

Archie Rand
³Three Major Works²

³The Chapter Paintings² (1989)
– one of the most important Jewish paintings of the 20th century.
³A useful date from which to mark the onset of postmodern American Jewish
art is 1989. The year that saw the Tiananmen Square massacre, the fall of
the Berlin Wall, and the premiere of Seinfeld was also the year Archie Rand
exhibited at the Jewish Museum in New York a series of fifty-four paintings
inspired by the yearly cycle of Torah readings. Jewish artists were by then
no strangers to the upper echelons of the American art world, but baldly
Jewish iconography was.-Vincent Brook, You Should See Yourself, Rutgers
University Press, 2006.

(a selection from) ³60 Paintings From the Bible² (1992)
³Psalm 68² (1994)

³He is arguably the best known, most important, the most imaginative, and
the most prolific…as well as the artist most willing to take risks….He
became the most creative and outspoken proponent of a Jewish-themed art in
America….He has articulated in both words and images to a greater extent
than anybody else a loose-jointed attempt to assure the viability,
visibility and continuity of this art.²
– Matthew Baigell, IMAGES

³Sthe foremost creator of Jewish art working today.²
– Richard McBee, Jewish Week

³Sone of the most important Jewish painters in America.²
­ David Kaufmann, Tablet³

She has effectively revolutionized the way the rest of us view Jewish art,.²
­ Menachem Wecker, Jewish Press


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