da Centotto: Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi – Opening 30 September with LOTS of Brooklyn College alum

6 settembre MMXI

Salve a tutti,

Centotto is pelagically pleased to announce the opening of a new *interstizio
exhibit *featuring works by Harry Gold, Adam Thompson, Josh Willis, Alice
Lynn McMichael, Tim Kent, Zane Wilson, Rebecca Litt, Joel Dugan, Chris
Wyrick, Rachel Day, Warren Holt and Paul Bergeron.
*Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi*
An ode to seafaring and seafarers and the seascapes through which they
journey, *Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi *(Seas, Ships and
Shipwrecks) is chartered to course the now treacherous, now pacific, now
whimsical waters of variably maritime imagery.

*Shores and wharves and waters in mist.*
*Masts and oars and the majesty of ships.*
*And just enough jettisoned*
*flotsam and jetsam*
*to keep most of our boats afloat.*
*May Poseidon smile approvingly upon our chores and forms.*
*May Centotto weather solely the eye of the storm.*

Should my guardedly dramatized epigraph not suffice to entice, perhaps the
following verses from "Maritime Ode," by Fernando Pessoa (here writing as
the quite parodically hyperbolic Álvaro de Campos), will fare thee a bit

"The waters call me,
The oceans call me,
The faraway calls me with a bodily voice,
And it’s every seafaring age there ever was, calling.
To go Far, to go Wide, toward Abstract Distance,
Indefinitely, through deep and mysterious nights,
Carried like dust by the winds, by the gales!
To go, go, go once and for all!
And my flesh is a wave crashing into cliffs!"

It’s probably only possible, at this point, for me to go further overboard,
but I do think it prudent to add that we would be delighted to have you in
attendance as we christen this vessel on Friday, 30 September 2001, 7-10pm.

And with a nod to inlets and sounds and kills and channels, our afterparty
will be held, with certain synonymity, at The Narrows, where the autumnally
issued Derringer Cocktail promises to float your boat.

By now on the plank…


[image: MariNaviNaufragi.piccolo.jpg] <http://centotto.com>


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