da Centotto: Opening this Friday, 24 June, 7-10pm – Visages Reliquary

*Portfolio x Appunti 2, 3: Visages Reliquary*
*Nate Anspaugh & Oliver Jones*

Countenances to recount.
Metatemporal gazes with which to engage.
Physiognomical remnants find settling consensus
in the tumulted present tense of a face.

Falling neatly in line with our recent exhibitional trajectory of *portfolio
* notes, archived figurations and scaped lands in abstracting chromatics is
Centotto’s newest offering, *Visages Reliquary <http://centotto.com>*, a
double *portfolio* show featuring new bodies of work by Nate Anspaugh and
Oliver Jones.

Please join us for the opening reception this coming Friday, 24 June 2011,
from 7-10pm. The artists will share a few words with us starting around 8.
They’ll share preferred tunes with us the evening throughout.

Afterparty at The Narrows <http://narrowsbar.com/> to ensue thereafter. Be
sure to inquire about the mixers’ newest offerings, including several very
estimable estival drinks. Centotto endorses the Milano-Torino with the
unwavering certainty of executive decree.

Fiat, in other words.

Things conjured.


*Vediamoci tutti venerdì*,


[image: PxA.2-3.NA.OJ.jpg]

Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto
250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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