da Centotto: A Closing, An Opening & Temporal Ambiguities for Ambedue


25 marzo MMXI

Cari amici,

An annuncio of things presenti, an annuncio of things forthcoming.
Minor temporal vagueness duly noted on both fronts.


Consider the lure and latent warmth of the covers on your bed.
Imagine climbing in, nestling deep, pulling them over your head.

So many ways to envision how we cover ourselves.
Help us pull the covers over our show of self-archival shells.

In other words, please join us on Friday, 8 April 2011, 7-10pm for the closing of Ruminations Anthropocentric, Conchogenies Anthropo-Archival, a simposio exhibit featuring works and words by Jim Herbert, Thomas Micchelli, Matthew Miller, Adam Simon and Don Pablo Pedro.

Some of the artists will share their thoughts about the exhibit in the incipient hours of the evening’s gathering.
Something along the lines of 7.30 seems approximately appropriate.

Details about the exhibit are here. If you’d like a PDF of the simposio packet comprising a brief description of the show and the full texts of the artists’ simposio essays, please reply to request one. It would be our pleasure to share it with you.


If human figurations might be considered so many shells to house selves,
might roiled earths and related visions be broader shells for selves shelled?

Such would be, senz’altro, the exhibit-bridging query underpinning the next exploratory group show at Centotto.

Landscapes Metamorphic, Topologies Chromatoplastic

An interstizio exhibit featuring works by Cynthia Hartling, Francesco Longenecker, Mary Kate Maher and Layton Hower.

Dates and times and other important details of such sorts have yet to be concretely determined.
But determined they shall soon be, I promise.
The last Friday in April, for instance, seems promising.

Temporalmente ambiguo, e come sempre, vostro



N.b. It’s time for spring cleaning, it seems. If you’d like me to help you keep
your inbox a bit tidier from now on, please reply to this message to let me know.
I’ll sweep things up forthwith by removing your email from our list.
But please note: cleaning agents bring tears to eyes.

Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto
250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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