CUNY Program for Study in Israel

The Director of CUNY study abroad in Israel writes:
I recently returned from visiting universities in Israel where I learned
about a new and exciting program in the arts under the aegis of the Rothberg
School for International Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The program is a joint project of the Hebrew University and the
distinguished Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Bezalel Academy
of Arts and Design. Each of the three programs in art, music, and dance,
will combine the school¹s specialized offerings along with a broad selection
of university courses
156441&> in Israel and
Middle Eastern Studies, Religion, Behavioral Sciences and Environmental
Studies, as well as Hebrew Language offered at Hebrew University.

If you or any of your students want more information on these programs, I
can supply brochures and also offer guidance. In addition, several
administrators of the Rothberg School are in the country and can be
available for consultation. I am also including the websites that give
further details of the art, dance, and music components of this unique

There are, of course, a variety of other stimulating programs both at the
Hebrew University and the other major Israeli universities ­ Haifa, Ben
Gurion, and Tel Aviv. I would be happy to meet with you or your students to
explain these opportunities for a stimulating semester (or year) abroad.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Jonathan Helfand

Professor of Modern Jewish History

Director, CUNY Program for Study in Israel


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