Dac Coming Soon: dementia, monsters, and more!

*Monster Drawing Rally**
A live drawing event to benefit Dumbo Arts Center

Sunday, March 13, 2-7PM
Kids’ drawing station from 2-5PM

$10 / person, $20 / family (up to 2 children and 2 adults)

81 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Watch artists create work in-person and on the spot, then buy your
favorites to bring home! All drawings $50.
All proceeds from this event go to support DAC’s programming and operations.

Participating artists include: Leesa Abahuni, Lauren Barnett, Susan Bee,
Barb Choit, Pilar Conde, Jenelle Covino, Rodney Dickson, Emily Friend
Roberts, Mimi Gross, Tina Hejtmanek, Cathrin Hoskinson, Malia Jensen,
Patrick Keesey, L. Brandon Krall, James Leonard, Jen Liu, Marci
MacGuffie, Matt Magee, Jillian Maslow, Rachel Mason, Rebekah Maysles,
Tom Motley, Brian O’Connell, Greg Roth, Bill Roundy, Satyakam Saha,
Karin Schaefer, Jen Schwarting, Bob Sikoryak, Hedi Sorger, John Paul
Spencer, Tania Torres-Sanchez, Phil Vanderhyden, and Michael Wilson.
More artists coming soon!

The event concept, Monster Drawing Rally, was originally developed by
Southern Exposure in San Francisco.


*Code Flight
* *A musical tale of dementia and love
by Rachel Mason

Sunday, March 6, 7PM


30 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

In conjunction with the exhibition /Information Economy/, Rachel Mason
will present a rock opera about loneliness, schizophrenia, dementia,
superhuman feats, vikings, homicide, and working a day job in a nursing
home. Featuring original songs by Rachel Mason and live music by Neil
Benezra, Chris Carlone, Mark Golamco.

Rachel Mason spent several years working as a recreation therapist in
various psychiatric nursing homes in New York and wrote an album called,
"Code Flight" (the intercom alert for escaping patients). The songs are
inspired by characters invented and real. The first theatrical
experience of Code Flight will be held at the Dumbo Art Center and
includes live acting, music and video. The album will be available at
the performance.

**And don’t miss:

*1st Thursday Gallery Walk*: Thursday, March 4, 5:30-8:30PM. Mary Jeys &
Jesse Suchmann, creators of the Brooklyn Torch, a local currency
initiative, will be holding their second swap event: gallery visitors
are invited to bring an item or service for exchange. 111 Front Street,
Suite 212, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Janos Stone Catalog Release*: Saturday, March 6, 6PM. Catalog will
document Janos Stone’s exhibition /Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology
is Indistinguishable from Magic/
<http://www.dumboartscenter.org/exhibitions.html>. 30 Washington Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

DAC <http://www.dumboartscenter.org/>

*Dumbo Arts Center (DAC)
111 Front Street, Suite 212
Brooklyn, NY 11201
gallery@dumboartscenter.org <mailto:gallery>
tweet with,, us! <http://twitter.com/DumboArtsCenter>like us!
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*1st Thursday, Walk* <http://dumboculture411.com/>

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