da Centotto: Closing Party, New Centotto Programming, Variable Anthropomorphologies


4 dicembre MMX

Salve a tutti,

Centotto has a few very special announcements for you, two of which are also speciated in programmatic and/or representational terms.

1. Closing party for Marksmen and the Palimpsests: 17 December 2010, 7-10pm

To properly conclude this exhibit so tightly bound to stratified structures and material trickeries, several exhibitional layers will be added for the closing party. One of those will be an informal discussion with the featured artists, John Avelluto and Josh Willis, whose individually rendered and collaborative palimpsests will be open to your direct inquiry. Another element will be a screening (or multiple screenings) of a recent film — a deeply palimpsestic one, if I may — by Shona Masarin, featuring a soundtrack by Andrew Hurst. The film is called "Intimate Machine" (2010, super 8mm & 16mm, color, variable duration).

Yet another as-yet unconfirmed layer on the evening might be a brief disquisition on new contexts in which the subjunctive verbal mood is, rather than syntactically optional, grammatically mandatory. These categories may include: any statements made about Julian Assange’s activities, intentions, whereabouts and ‘coffee preferences’; declarations regarding North Korea’s stability and/or alleged ‘population’; and reports on the leaders of any and all nations and their health, ailments and ‘favorite dance moves.’ Another proposed category for mandatory subjunctive referencing is anything thought or uttered in the vicinity of a space heater.

Again, and fittingly enough, said disquisition may or may not take place. I’m not even sure who proposed it, after all, nor if it might be of entertainment value for any of you.

2. New Centotto Programming: Portfolio x Appunti, to be inaugurated January 2011
Many of you are already familiar with simposio exhibits and interstizio shows and events, the two primary structures undergirding Centotto programming. I am now proud to announce a third structure, portfolio x appunti (meaning ‘portfolio by way of notes’), which will lie in the procedural middleground of its Centotto programming counterparts through a streamlining of conceptual and lexical components and an attenuation of the artist roster while maintaining, nonetheless, a semantic buttress of obligatory written elements. In other words, these shows will generally focus on one artist whose exhibited portfolio, as here intended, will be variably mediated by a 5-tiered framework of specific visual and written appunti, ‘notes,’ as follows:

Appunti primari: exhibit
Appunti secondari: 5-line statement #1 – concepts, contexts
Appunti terziari: 5-line statement #2 – materials, process
Appunti ulteriori: 5 lists – 5 visual artists, 5 visual artworks, 5 artworks heard, 5 artworks read, 5 places or spaces
Appunti fotografati: 5 studio shots

Several of the requisite appunti are left somewhat vague to encourage individual interpretation. As such, each participating artist will also lead, upon the opening of the exhibit, an informal gallery talk to detail and discuss various aspects of the responses provided.

The artist whose exhibit and profile will inaugurate the portfolio x appunti programming is Zane Wilson. The opening will take place in the latter weeks of January in the now very near year of 2011.

3. Next Centotto Simposio Exhibit: Ruminations Anthropocentric, or Conchogenies Anthropo-Archival

Most simply, this next Centotto simposio exhibit is conceived as an inquiry into the artistic representation of human forms. The artists involved have been asked to participate because their works confront quite directly – and among the five of them, in readily distinguishable ways – the very deep, perhaps even deeply necessary tradition of such representational norms. The artists’ creation or selection of exhibited works, as well as their variable written contributions, will hinge upon their personal interpretations of a selected set of anthropomorphological, let’s say, themes and readings. The etymological nuances of ‘monsters,’ by the way, will not be irrelevant.

Featured artists: Jim Herbert, Thomas Micchelli, Matthew Miller, Don Pablo Pedro, Adam Simon

reading assignments:
1. "Shells," a chapter from The Poetics of Space, by Gaston Bachelard.
2. A series of interrelatable passages and quotes from works by Max Beckmann, Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Jean-Luc Nancy, Tom Morton and Gaston Bachelard.

More details regarding this simposio exhibit (read: many, many more details) will be sent along anon. For now, please note that the opening of this exhibit will take place about a month after the above-mentioned portfolio x appunti exhibit, i.e. in the latter weeks of February in the by-then very present year of 2011.

Having made all these special and speciated announcements, I now wonder if ‘statements regarding opening dates for Centotto exhibits’ might rank as a mandatorially subjunctive category all their own.

They very well might. And that’s very much the point.

But the following information is firmly declarative:

The closing party for Marksmen and the Palimpsests will take place on 17 December 2010, 7-10pm.

Creative layers by Avelluto, Willis, Hurst, Masarin.

Afterparty at The Narrows.

See you then. And then.

And now, allora,



n.b. I apologize for the very short message this time. If you can’t forgive me, feel free to unsubscribe by sending me a message that reads ‘unforgiven.’

Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto
250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206
http://centotto.com <http://centotto.com/>


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