Paul D’Agostino’s (our writing tutor) da Centotto: Post-Tornado Fall Greetings & Updates, & an Autumnal Gift for You


16 settembre 2010

Carissimi amici nostri:

Although it does signal an unapologetic end to the candid insouciance of
summer, autumn does bring with it certain pleasantries as well. At Centotto
and all throughout its wantonly bustling environs, for instance — where
today we did indeed weather a tornado — such pleasantries shall invariably
include unveilings of art exhibits of various sorts.

And those will all begin forthwith. Storefront, English Kills and Famous
Accountants all have openings tomorrow evening, Friday, 17 September; there
will be a music- and arts-related block party on Bogart Street on Saturday
afternoon; and Parlour will be in town Saturday night. In the coming weeks,
then, Factory Fresh, Regina Rex, Laundromat, Sugar and a number of other
local galleries and art spaces will likely follow suit.

In the coming weeks and months, Centotto shall too. Some of our openings
and related activities will include:

24 September 2010, 6-10pm:
– Opening of *Citational Graphologies, or A Show of Hands*, an
open-to-all-contributors *simposio* exhibit that might also be called ‘the
handwriting show.’ Details on how and why you should participate are

Second half of October (or thereabouts) 2010:
– Centotto will have the pleasure of hosting an *interstizio* gallery talk
with Laura Kressel, Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at NYU, who will discuss
her current research and lead us in a discussion about and an analysis of
various matters of graphological concern. Details
here <> and back
– A late-night of gallery visits, under the coordinative aegis of
Storefront, will include Centotto on its roster. Details TBA.

5 November 2010, 6-10pm:
– Opening of *Marksmen and the Palimpsests*, an *interstizio* exhibit
devoted to two brand new bodies of work by John Avelluto and Josh Willis, as
well as to a third body of work, the titular *Palimpsests*, a collaborative
series by both painters. This exhibit will be accompanied by a full-color
catalog designed by Karilyn Johanesen and featuring essays and interviews by
Alice Lynn McMichael, Steve Weintraub and Paul D’Agostino. Details and some
images here <>.

Afterparties for all of our upcoming events will be held at The Narrows,
located nearby at 1037 Flushing Avenue.

Because those folks are very nice. And their drinks are very good. And their
bar is very lovely. And the name of their fine establishment brings to mind
novels by Cormac McCarthy.

Well, if all that isn’t enough to make the loss of summer freedoms and the
onset of cooler climes go down — as in falling — a bit easier, we at
Centotto offer you the attached photograph of post-summer, early-fall,
pre-deciduousness, back-to-school cheer.

It is titled: *Autumnal Greetings from the Arcane Bosom of the Situation
Room at Centotto, Where Imperial Spoils and Feigned Malfeasance are
Mirthfully Concomitant Mottos *

**Should it cause you to simultaneously crack an inkling of a smile and shed
a saline crystal of a tear, we’ll consider our job of nostalgic inanity
quite complete.

If not, it’s okay, you’re not the only one who disapproves. Even the
Centotto Images Guild has said that this photo is "as uselessly
pseudo-amusing as a placebo of simulacral nitrous oxide."

And really, who are we to disagree?

At any rate, I hope this message finds you well and inclement-weather-free.

Augurissimi e a presto,


Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto
250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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