Call for Artists

Sondra Tannenbaum, MA at Brooklyn College, is curating for Salon Ciel

Call for Artists – October Show
Salon Ciel
(New York NY)

Call For Artists – October 2010 Show- Deadline: August 27, 2010

It is a well known fact that New York is called home to over 8 million people. We are crowded, busy and distressed. In our chaos, we forget that there are thousands of others who are also individuals. Each person’s Weltanschauung, or worldview, is entirely unique and  forged by  the special essence that defines them.  One person is in the day from the detached perspective of the top of the Empire State building and another smells and hears a different day as he walks with his seeing eye dog. From the Wall Street businessman to the Starbuck barista, each person experiences their day in New York in a way like a snowstorm: it takes many snowflakes to make a storm, but each snowflake is one of a kind.

Every New Yorker has this unique perspective of her/his inner and outer world. Therefore, each person has a different story of what NYC means to them.

We are looking for artworks that capture New York through an artist’s vision of his/her city. We would like to exhibit works that invite an audience to look through the artist’s eyes and to experience what he/she sees everyday in New York. We are also looking for works that incorporate an underlying message.  Can the artist successfully portray what she/he interprets as the hopes, concerns or beliefs of a New Yorker?

Works that model kitschy tourist stops and uncreative images will NOT be considered.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: All steps must be followed to be considered.
We are accepting the following types of visual art: photographs, film, paintings, collage, mixed-media. Artists must submit:

Deadline – August 27, 2010
1) A website, Flickr stream, or blog that contains images of the artwork to be reviewed.
2) Please include explicit navigation directions to the works you are submitting.
3) If not on your website, a short artist statement and bio in the body of your email.
5) The subject of the email should be “October Show – [your name]”*
*Please note that we will contact you via email if interested in your work. Do not email requesting an update our your portfolio review.

If selected, artists must be available to travel to NYC for portfolio reviews, exhibition logistics, and exhibition opening and closing receptions. Salon Ciel works closely with its artists to price and sell works accurately and fairly; however, artists should be flexible in these negotiations to account for the different prospective audiences, venues, and economic climates.



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