Summer and beyond

As some of you may  know, I am going on leave next year; I got a fellowship to write a book which at the moment is titled Habit Formation: The History and Meaning of Byzantine Monastic Dress. [In fact I’ll be around doing administrative stuff but no teaching.]  So what does this mean for our blog? It will continue as usual through the summer and next year.  HOWEVER, I will need you all to be good about EMAILING submissions to me (; right now I get many notices in my box but I will not be picking those up as often, so whenever possible please email submissions to me.

Also, graduates – CONGRATS! – and please keep us updated on what you are doing.  If you get jobs and/or have shows, we’d like to post it.  In part this blog serves as a connection to alums; if you have a website of your goings on, please let me know and I’ll add it to our links.  As you can see, I have not really had time to get savvy about using this thing the way I should (sigh) perhaps during my fellowship I’ll figure out how to add images and make it look cooler.

Oh yeah, but first I have to write a book.


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