Kristin Trethewey’s thesis exhibition for PIMA

You are invited to PIMA Graduate, Kristin Trethewey’s thesis exhibition. The event features her interactive installation, Evolve Revolve, alongside a series of PIMA student performances.
Reception: Wednesday May 19, 2010, 2 PM-4 PM
Performances: 2:30-3 PM
Where: New Ingersoll Lobby, Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
The Performance and Interactive Media Arts is run by the departments of Art, Computer and Information Science, Television and Radio, Theater, and the Conservatory of Music who cooperatively founded the program. This exhibition seeks to better unite them and we hope you will join us!
Event Information:
Evolve Revolve by Kristin Trethewey
This sculpture uses time-lapse photographs of a plant’s growth, which rotate around a circular terrarium encasing the live plant inside. Users interact with the piece by rotating the sculpture to “bring the plant to life” through the surrounding moving images. As the images of the plant’s life move around the plant in the terrarium, the magic of photography gives us a secondary perspective of its growth and development. The viewer controls the speed and direction of the sculpture allowing for a unique observation.
Mirrored reflections and layers of glass represent the photographic lens that aids us in generating these perspectives.  Both the artist and the scientist study nature and wonder at its secrets. This sculpture places the viewer in the age-old position of contemplating the plant and its silent mystery.
About the Artist
Kristin Trethewey is an installation and video artist based in Brooklyn. She is finishing a Master of Fine Arts at Brooklyn College in Performance and Interactive Media. Through her research she has begun working with John Marra and Brett Branco, professors in the Geology department at Brooklyn College. Her work explores the use of photography by both the science and art disciplines and its focus on the study of nature.  Over the course of the year this project has evolved through a series of discussions, the use of science department equipment and shadowing the work of Brett Branco in the collection of data from the Prospect Park Lake, located outside the Audubon Centre. Informed by this interaction, Kristin has been producing time-lapse photography of plants and an interactive installation, which repurposes this visual information. The ongoing data collected from the lake will be used to build an upcoming installation interpreting the subtle changes in the lakes composition.
About the Performances
From 2:30PM-3PM Phillip Gulley, Emily Schleiner and Justin Riley will present work developed through PIMA. This showcase samples some of PIMA’s dedicated artists who progress the forms of collaboration and interdisciplinary performance. If you haven’t seen PIMA in action this will be a great opportunity.
Interdisciplinary exchanges welcome!!!
Phillip Gulley “I Need You to Be”
Is a sound piece with live performer. Crafted with Audacity and Ableton Live from found sounds, field recordings and interviews then processed as necessary. It is a piece for two sound sources, a performer, and wine; a piece for forgetting and regretting. This work is about love.
Website: <>
Emily Schleiner, “divination2.0”
Emily Schleiner will be presenting a project called divination2.0.  This project took the form of an interactive installation in April of 2010 at a sound studio in Brooklyn, NY.
Including a stop-motion film of a machine-parts-Mandala, a meditative environment, a responsive image collage from Google, and computer-culture-derived divination readings, the project provides a consciousness shift during a computer session.
Justin Riley, MobilVideoModulator (M.V.M.)
patch basically lets you control, manipulate, and affect prerecorded, and live video in a simulated 3D environment, using the iphone! <> <>


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