The Next U.S. Census – Now Hiring!

U.S. CENSUS is Hiring Again

for positions that start in 2010!

They are recruiting for:

  • Census Takers
  • Crew Leaders
  • Crew Leader Assistants
  • Recruiting Assistants
  • Census Clerks

Positions can be full or part-time depending upon need and hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.00 per hour to over $20.00 per hour depending upon position.

  • Earn Good Pay!
  • Get Paid Weekly!
  • Work Flexible Hours!
  • Receive Paid Training!


To be eligible all applicants must:

Be at least 18 years old.

Pass the required written test administered by US Census.


(866) 861-2010

Brooklyn College will again be serving as one of the

test sites for the Census test.

For more information visit:

The US Census Bureau needs local residents for a variety of exciting opportunities, including interviewing, office administration, and supervision. A large part of these jobs involve dealing with the public.  Most of the jobs in the field require you to locate and interview households.  The information you collect is confidential and must NOT be  disclosed to anyone who has not sworn to protect Census Bureau information.


Most jobs will be short term and ALL jobs will be temporary (You may be called for multiple assignments depending on your performance). Your most productive hours will vary based on the type of census operation. For operations that require contact with the public to complete interviews, your availability to work when people are home is critical. The late afternoon, evening, and weekend hours are most productive times to work on these operations, daylight hours are required for some.


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